Sunday, July 16, 2017

Monday Meals: A New Series

Back in January, Brian and I went on a couples trip with good friends, and I talked to the girls about how I wish I was still blogging (I use that term lightly as I was never a “blogger” but did enjoy writing blog posts). Of course, fashion blogger is at the top of my list, but that lifestyle isn’t feasible on a consistent basis. I pretty much spend each season rotating between three work-out outfits in the morning, three regular outfits when I need to look presentable, and three night time outfits. Not enough clothing to post every day. 

So we brainstormed and I realized that not only is cooking dinner one of my favorite parts of the day, but I also love the idea of helping others with weekly meal ideas. 

I know I tried this in the past, but I was struggling to post four meals a week. Too often Brian is out of town for work, I have a girls dinner, or the little ones have extra curricular activities that keep us out too late to cook a meal. We all agreed, it’s rare for any family to want or need to cook four times a week at home. Sharing one recipe a week is plenty. 

So, on the plane ride home, I got to work, and started pinning every meal that looked do-able as a weekday meal, but I was also beginning to realize that this idea might be a waste of time. Why sit down to blog about a meal that you could access from my pinterest page? A little redundant. But I powered through my discouragement, and started making new meals all week long. 

None of the meals I made that week will make it on this blog. Monday night we were starving after dinner, Tuesday night I was exhausted from all three hundred pots and pans I had to clean, and Wednesday did not taste good. Thursday, I threw in the towel and picked up Barnaby’s because I couldn’t handle another failed dinner. 

The next week, I was more careful about the recipes I chose. I also started realizing the value of this blog idea, and how I can hopefully use it to make someone’s life easier. 

So, here is the beginning of my new series, Monday Meals. 

My goals: 
  1. Post every Sunday night with a new “Monday Meal”
  2. Share how long it takes to make the meal
  3. How many pots/pans/dishes it requires ——Because a short cook time doesn’t always mean the same for clean up
  4. Alterations I made to the recipe to make it easier 
  5. The difficulty level (based on the amount of ingredients)
  6. Wide variety of ideas (chicken, beef, seafood; Asian, Italian, Tex-Mex, etc.)
  7. Share how I served it to my kids
  8. Keep it short, sweet, and SIMPLE. 

So until next week, check out all my previous meal pages here, here, here, and here

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