Monday, June 13, 2016

Father's Day Guide

Father's Day is in less than a week!!! And lucky for you, I got a little carried away with brainstorming gifts to help out that last minute shopper. 

1. Nordstom has LOTS of Great swimsuits for men! Check out a couple here, here, and here

2. The twins literally get giddy when we pull out this book!! I used to read it and change out "Dada" for "Mama" but I've decided to give up ever since they started chanting "Da-da" the second they see it. Jimmy Fallon's a smart man. 

3. Check out these Golf shoes here. I know nothing about them, but my hubby says they're great. (and he knows his golf)

4/5. Dad deserves the best so treat him to some great shaving cream and the brush here

6. The Greatest Wine Opener EVER!! 

7. Maybe the Dad in your family has plenty of kids at home and needs a break from other people's kids when he flies for work? Try out these noise canceling headphones here

8. Flip Flops mature enough for Dad. 

9. I'm pretty sure a belt makes my husbands Christmas list every year (or maybe that's my brother's) either way, you can't go wrong with a great belt. Check this one out (HALF OFF) here

The top three rows of gifts felt a little more practical, but I couldn't leave out the ones my husband actually suggested when I asked for some great Dad's day gift ideas...

10. A Power Washer. Brian could literally spend hours with this toy. If you're looking to splurge, this isn't a bad idea. 

11. A stand up paddle board? We just got home from the lake so I guess that's why he said this one? I'm still a little puzzled, but maybe it's a good gift idea for someone? 

12. It's a toss up whether this is a great gift idea for my husband or the kids, but either way, it looks like fun! If you're in the market for a bike trailer, check this one out here

and if your husband loves to grill, don't forget to check out My Big Green Egg post here! Lots of great accessories and tools to add to your Big Green Egg collection. 

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