Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Twinspiration Tuesday: The Sippy Cup

This picture is truly worth a thousand words...and pretty much sums up why nursing Graham for a year was the right decision for me. 

But it might also be the reason, I've gotten myself in this dilemma more than once. 

I rarely used bottles with Graham. If I did, it was usually because I was out of town and Grandparents were watching him, and in that case, they were also the ones cleaning the bottles. It made so much more sense to me to nurse him and eliminate cleaning a bottle and the breast pump parts. 

Then Graham turned one and switched over to whole milk. The sippy cup world was new to me. There were so many styles and brands to choose from. Of course I had try lots of different types and figure out which one we liked best. Naturally, he liked them all. He wasn't going to discriminate if it was supplying him milk. 

So, I would spend the next year trying to keep all the right parts with each sippy cup. It was overwhelming, but at the time, I was too tired to think of a better solution. We were also terrible about looking for the sippy cup he had used earlier that day, so we probably had three used sippy cups by the end of the day. ugh!! And sometimes, even worse, I would find a three day old sippy cup with milk (I should probably say cream) still in it!! What a nightmare to open and clean! 

This was the main reason I planned to nurse the twins as long as I possibly could. I couldn't imagine three dirty bottles/cups times three children. I would have spent the whole day washing. But nursing two wasn't quite as easy as nursing only Graham so I threw in the towel around nine months and began experiencing what it was like to wash bottles and sippy cups ALL THE TIME. Luckily I didn't own a ton of bottles especially since I was dividing them by two. I realized this was helping cut down on how many bottles we would have to wash at the end of the day. 

So when the twins were ready to transition to a sippy cup, I was prepared. I made the decision that they would both have ONE sippy cup each! We literally use the same one ALL DAY LONG. It gets filled up first thing in the morning with milk, Rinsed out after they finish and filled up with water (with a splash of juice) for lunch. I fill it halfway for snack after nap in the afternoon, and again at bedtime. I rinse it out after they've used it each time and give ONE good thorough scrubbing of all the parts every day. 

Choosing one type of cup was a pretty big deal. I decided it made the most sense to go with a straw cup. This way, when we are at a restaurant or birthday party, I know there is a pretty good chance there will be a straw that the twins can use when they want to take a drink. 

I chose this Munchkin weighted straw option because it allows them to hold the cup like a bottle, but drink through it like a straw. They can tilt it any which way and still get to the milk because the straw bends. 

Graham has graduated from his sippy cups and mainly uses these Take and Toss cups with lids and straws. 

In addition to the sippy cup, I've rounded up some of our favorite toddler tools. 

1. I couldn't find a picture for the exact cup I use, but the one above is similar. Click here for more info on the Munchkin one we use. 

2. This drying rack is amazing. We use it for EVERYTHING! wine glasses, knives, sippy cups, ziploc containers, etc. Also available in clear here and additional accessories available here and here

3. Bottle and Sippy Cup brushes are a lifesaver. I keep these hanging around our hand soap in the kitchen for easy access. This is one of my favorite tools because it helps get in those hard to reach places. 

4/6. Toddler forks and spoons

5. Plate divided into servings. 

7. Throw away/Reuseable bowls with lids. Great for traveling or for putting in a lunchbox every day. 

8. Throw away/reuseable plastic cups, straws, and lids. My oldest loves these! He's learning to use them without a lid, but also loves the straw option. 

9. Snack Catcher: The most genius invention ever! I love that I can give these snack containers to the twins on a walk and it helps minimize the amount of snack they are trying to fit in their hand. 

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