Thursday, June 9, 2016

Father's Day: Big Green Egg Edition

I was completely skeptical with getting a Green Egg. All I knew is that the egg itself, the trays on the side, and the base it sits on are all sold separately which made it sound like a huge money pit full of individually purchased accessories. Well, here we are, three years later, and I can confidently say, I was wrong. I would describe it more as a life changing eating experience. ;)

So, with Father's Day around the corner, it only seems appropriate to share with others how much we love the Big Green Egg in our house. 

There isn't much this grill can't do. We've made pizza (some of the best I've ever had). We've baked? (I'm not sure that's the right word to use here) cookies. and we've even grilled peaches topped with whip cream and blueberries that were absolutely to die for. 

The Green Egg is basically the gift that keeps on giving. There are truly accessories galore that go with this grill which makes it easy to pick out a gift every time a holiday rolls around, and once you've acquired all the accessories, it still keeps on giving in the form of great food. 

Here's a list of my husbands favorite/most frequently used tools:

1. Pizza Peel: Used for putting the pizza on or taking it off the grill 

2. Plate Setter: Turns the Egg into a convection oven or used to smoke BBQ (pulled pork has become one of our all time faves!)

3. Charcoal: This one is great because it gets the hottest

4. Grid Lifter: Helps to lift the grid so you can avoid the dirtiness after cooking. 

5. Blow Torch: Helps light the grill in 15 seconds versus the other options that take 5-10 minutes. 

6. DigiQ: Maintains the internal temp of the grill when slow cooking. This is probably the most useful tool. We can let a pork smoke all day while knowing that the temperature remains steady.

7. Pizza/Baking Stone: For making all the good and cookies. :)

8. Ash Tool: Helps to remove the ash. 


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