Thursday, April 13, 2017

Shopbop Favorites

Third times a charm, right?

Because I think that's how many times I've tried to write consecutively on the blog and always seem to fail. I'm still not completely ready to make this a full time hobby, but I have some ideas that might help hold me accountable and allow me to slowly ease my way into the blogging world. Crossing my fingers, but not entirely holding my breath that I can put that into action NEXT WEEK!!

 But in the meantime, it's a FRIENDS AND FAMILY time of year and right now it's SHOPBOP's turn!! One of my favorites, and a great one to take advantage of while they're offering a promotion!!

 I've compiled some of my favorites, some of which I ordered last night, and I'm hoping they arrive before the end of the weekend (Thanks to their partnership with Amazon Prime: Free 2 day shipping).

Click on an item below to get more details. :)

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