Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Twinspiration Tuesday: No Teeth!! What can my babies eat??

I can remember leaving Graham's nine month check up excited that he could start eating table food, but not really sure how I could provide much of a variety considering he didn't have many teeth for chewing. Thankfully the doctor provided a handout with some suggestions which helped get us through the first couple months. 

Now, as we approach this same phase a second time, I look back and realize what amateurs we were! There were so many other food choices we never explored. 

When Graham was a baby, we always had Gerber puffs on hand, but this time we are almost six months into the finger food phase and I rely mainly on cheerios. We could have probably knocked out a container of puffs every day between twins and Graham always wanting whatever they have. Cheerios come in a much larger box and for half the price. I always carry a baggie or container of Cheerios in my purse to control any rumbling tummies while we are out on the go. 

Here are some of our other favorites: 

Fruits and Vegetables: 
  • Frozen peas: We give them frozen and they work like a charm. I think they feel good on their gums.
  • Gerber Graduates Veggies: They offer Green Beans and Apples, but we mainly stick with the carrots. Our babies LOVE these containers. They are great for throwing in my purse if we are headed to a restaurant or if we need a quick fix at home. 
  • Campbell's Vegetable soup: Drain the juice and serve the veggies. 
  • Frozen peas and carrots mixed: I do boil these and serve them cooked. 
  • Sweet Potatoes: Bake in the oven 450 degrees for about 45 min. 
  • Avocado: I just do these at dinner time directly before bath because they are messy!
  • Banana: I've decided one of the best parts of having twins is that you always get to split the food. I remember thinking a whole banana was so much food to give Graham so it's great I get to divide it between the two so they can eat more of a variety instead of filling up on one thing. 
  • Fruit cups: We stock up on the pears, apples, peaches, and mixed fruit containers from the grocery store. These are also easy to pack if we go to the pool or out to eat. 
  • Rotisserie Chicken: This lasts us at least half the week. I bring it home, cut off all the chicken, and store it in a ziploc container so it's easy to access during meal time. 
  • Ground turkey/chicken. I can sauté the turkey on Sunday or Monday and put it in a container to use for several meals during the week. 
  • Ham and Turkey sandwich meat cut up into pieces. 
  • Tilapia/Salmon. Babies don't know what they like so feed it all to them. Harris and Wynn loved the parmesan tilapia we had for dinner last night!
  • Scramble an Egg. (Until their one, you're supposed to only give them the yolk for allergy reasons?) Google that if you're not familiar ;)
  • My babies are obsessed with oatmeal!! It's basically a dessert treat around here, Graham included. 
  • I break a piece of bread up into small pieces (one piece between the two of them)
  • Ritz crackers, Graham crackers, and Goldfish are all favorites (dad included)! 
  • Cheerios, obviously

These SpaceSaver High Chairs have been a huge hit with the babies, and We love them too!!

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