Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Monograms and Graphic Tees

Our little Graham lives for getting dirty. If there's a puddle, he's guaranteed to jump in it, and if there's dirt, there's no doubt he's digging in it. When he was young and spending all day at home I could usually protect his clothing from the disastrous mess he was about to make, but now that he's in school, his clothes are bound to get as messy as he does. When the stains started piling on, it was time to find an alternative to our boutique clothing, and save our best for Sundays. 

Nowdays, most of our favorite day to day Tee's are from Old Navy. Every year we pick out a few of their graphic tees to compliment our daily style and the best part is they won't break the bank! 

Graham loves his trains, so it's hard not to own every shirt we find with trains on it. And since he's becoming opinionated about what he wears every day, it makes sense to load his closet with clothes he wants to wear. 

We call one of our Grandpas "Papa" and for the past couple years Old Navy always has a shirt dedicated to all the Papa's out there. It's a no brainer that this one makes it into our closet every year. 

We are currently still squeezing into our 3T's from last summer, but we're adding these new prints to our wardrobe once they arrive at our doorstep in the next week. (Thank heavens for online shopping...and the great savings Old Navy offers on their website!)

Old Navy Graphic Tees. Lots more designs Here

Another one of our favorite daily options, are monogrammed pocket tee's. Old Navy has a variety of colors to choose from, usually for $5 or less. Then you can get the pocket monogrammed with a variety of styles and colors. Graham lived in his navy with white monogram and Gray with navy monogram shirts last summer.

For a dressier look, Graham also has some basic polos monogrammed. These have been great for special days at school or church in the summer. They're also an easy way to coordinate with his baby brother and sister without looking too matchy-matchy. 

Stay tuned for a follow up post about our favorite summer shorts. 

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