Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mom Meets World: Summer 1

There’s nothing more complicated than a new mom’s closet and sadly it only gets worse before it gets better. It’s hard to believe how many shapes and sizes your body can experience in three short years, but the struggle is real! I literally lived in workout clothes most of those days. I know we love to joke about wearing Lulu Lemon and not working out, but let’s be honest, the real workout is the other eleven hours of the day, NOT the one that was actually spent at the gym.  If I’m being completely honest, I used to go to Body Combat, come home and shower only to put work out clothes back on. I know I’m not alone in doing this, and I’m certainly not ashamed, just realistic. 

So after sleepwalking through this past year and finally making it to a place where I am sane and ready to be social, I’m finally putting on "real" clothes each morning, but I’ve learned to do it with the feel of activewear. ;)

Sandals have always been my shoe of choice and wearing them year round used to be my favorite part about living in Houston. That is, until I had kids and needed something on my feet that allowed me to move quick like a cat. That's why I've traded in my flip flops for tennies, and if I had it my way I would probably wear these gold new balances every day of the week.   


I think we can all agree there's nothing more comfortable than a tshirt dress. After all, you can't dispute an outfit with no restriction around the waist or thighs. But with little ones a dress can be complicated. I usually try to wear mine on Wednesdays when I have help with the twins. 

Thursday: (Cinco De Mayo) 

This post wouldn't be complete without giving Blaze and Monster Machines a shout out! After all, its the reason I get to shower and get dressed! Before we discovered a tv show Graham loved, he used to go in the babies' room and wake them up while I was getting ready. It made for a stressful start to the day, but now I let him watch a "special" Blaze and Monster on mommy's bed while I get ready. 

I'm hoping my teeny tiny side kicks will make some appearances showing off their great sense of style too so stay tuned! 

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