Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Twinspiration Tuesday: Jammies

After the initial shock set in and the morning sickness subsided, I was really excited about the opportunity to share our journey of twins with the world, but once the babies arrived, I realized, I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. How could I share our experience with others when I feel so clueless about what I'm doing each day. Then again, I've discovered, do any of us really know what we're doing when we have newborns? What I do know is, we're surviving. The laughs manage to out weigh the cries and occasionally there's some sleep involved. By no means would I describe this stage in life as easy, everyday is literally a new challenge, but as I hold Harris in my lap while typing at 3am (I promise this isn't a normal occurrence, we are trying to transition out of the swaddle tonight and let's just say there's some tweaking that needs to be done), I wouldn't change it for the world and am so thankful to have these little blessings in my life.

So, my goal is to post about these cuties every Tuesday for Twinspiration Tuesday and I thought I would start with something I do know, my favorite newborn pajama styles.

The first couple weeks there are A LOT of diaper changes, especially all through the night. The over abundance of snaps and buttons can really make this a daunting task and when your husband chooses not to snap them all, it just makes sense to find another option. That's why gowns are one of my ultimate favorites. Just slide the gown up, change the diaper, slide the gown back down and the diaper change is complete. 

The Gown Disclaimer: 
I am cold ALL THE TIME which makes me extra cautious about my little ones staying warm. The one downfall with the gown is that the babies' feet aren't covered up so they need to wear socks....easier said than done. We have been through all types of socks. There is something about those little feet that makes them struggle keeping socks/booties on, but this time around I solved that problem with some of my new favorite socks. I think there are several brands that will work. You just need to make sure the socks follow two simple guidelines. One: The thicker the better. Two: Tight fold over top. Our success rate for keeping socks on with these babies is around 95% which compared to Graham is quite an improvement. 

Another great pajama option is the footed onesie with a zipper. Socks aren't required, and it only takes one quick motion to seal those pajamas. Footed onesies are my favorite look so much that I've tried to squeeze Graham in one, but a two year old doesn't quite pull off the cuteness like these two little ones. 

Probably the most genius design of all are these magnet pajamas. Brian traveled a lot during the babies' first months so I would always try to save these for nights he was gone. You literally fold the flap over on top of the other side, let the magnets attract, and you're ready to go.  

This picture is one more reminder how fast these little munchkins grow. It's hard to believe these pajamas swallowed these two at one time.

Stay tuned for more from these little ones next Tuesday. 


  1. Hey Elizabeth! I love your blog and I especially love babies in pajamas. :) What brand are the magnet ones? Your children are absolutely beautiful! ~Brittany Sciba

    1. Thanks so much Brittany! The brand is magnificent baby. They were a gift but I've seen them at maternity stires like A Pea in the Pod. I hope all is going well!! Your little ones are precious!