Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Playroom Prints and DIY Mats

I've already expressed my love for Etsy in a previous post, and now I have to rave about instagram in a similar way. I love finding new fashion bloggers, boutiques, and interior decorators to follow for continued inspiration. There are so many fresh ideas for keeping your house and your wardrobe up to date.

One of my favorite shops that I found on Instagram is Yellow Bungalow Shop. They have some of the best wall art! As soon as I spotted these prints last year, I knew they were perfect for Graham's playroom. Not only do they have such sweet messages, but the colors and illustrations are great too! I love that they give you the option of purchasing the PDF from their shop online and then you can print them in your own home. 

I had the hardest time narrowing down to just four prints, but after playing around with all the options, I decided on these four: 

I always love to add a mat to anything I frame. It gives the print or picture that perfect "pop". I've only used white or cream mats in the past, but that felt a little too formal for my needs.
 I wanted an extra added touch of whimsical, since these prints were going in our playroom. I struggled to find something that made a statement and helped compliment the prints, so I decided to make what I had in mind. 

At first I pictured doing each of the four mats in a different decorative style, but quickly decided against that idea because I could tell it would look too busy and take away from the message on the prints. Instead I decided on making each mat a different color, all using the same chevron print stamp that I found at Michaels

This was an extra mat I bought to use as a trial run and a color tester. 

The mats took no time at all to make....just a little patience lining the stamp up to match the previous place stamped. They are not perfect, but since they're in the playroom, I kind of like that. Perfection is one of those things I hope doesn't get passed down to my kiddos. Sometimes it gives me a little unnecessary stress. I wish I was better about enjoying the imperfections in life, and what better place to display that message than the place where Graham spends most of his day. 

I've been extremely happy with the final outcome of the prints and their new mats. I also love that these are the first things I see when I walk in the back door after a long day. 

As I begin brainstorming decor for Graham's "big boy" room, I've also been thinking about which Yellow Bungalow prints I will use in there. 

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