Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I Love You More

When I was first trying to fill the babies' bookshelves, I ordered a bunch of board books from Mainly based on color and size, and occasionally by their titles. Many times, while I'm nursing, Graham will pull out the books and look through their pictures while we are all in the nursery together. He usually just goes for the books he recognizes (the ones that used to belong to him), but recently he keeps pulling out the same one, "I Love You More."  

Today, he kept taking it from room to room with him so as the rain was pouring down and both the babies were laying on their playmats, I had him bring it to me so I could read it to him. He laid down under the mat next to Harris so I posted up a pillow in-between the two babies and began reading the book. And that's when it happened....One of my top 10 favorite moments. 

At one point during the story, I looked in both directions to notice both babies looking at me, Graham's eyes on the story and his hand holding Harris'. It was such a simple and spontaneous moment. I tried stretching it as long as I could, but of course all good things must come to an end, and that's exactly what happened once the story ended. My little two year old was onto his next adventure so I snapped a pic of what was left to help soak up that memory for years to come.

This book is absolutely precious, and it has earned a spot as one of my new favorite bedtime/naptime reads. It's definitely geared towards boy moms since it's about a little boy and how much he loves his mom and vice versa, but I'm sure there's got to be a mommy/daughter equivalent out there.

We have our other standard favorites, and Graham has added several train books to our daily reading routines, but I'm sure there are other great stories we are missing out on. I would love to hear what books are favorites in your house! 

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