Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Picture Perfect Hanging

If you're like me, hanging pictures is such a dreaded task. I've found out the hard way that neither my husband nor my dad are meticulous about hanging pictures perfectly on the wall. They would both rather put one nail in the middle, but then it slowly falls out of place and is annoying to fix all the time. 99% of the frames in our house are from Aaron Brothers frames and they all have two hangers on the back. In theory, this is great, but it was a real struggle to figure out how to hang them so the picture frame was level with the others around it. 

Well, one day, I was browsing the Pottery Barn website and found a little picture hanging tutorial that has been like GOLD when it comes to hanging frames around the house. I tried to find the video again today on the website to share, but when I click on the link, the video no longer exists (bummer!!). Maybe they're making some updates and it will be back again soon so I can post it on here for you to reference. 

In the meantime, here's my own version of the tutorial:  

Step 1: Have all the hangers attached and ready to go on the back of your frames. Set your frames out in order of how they will appear on the wall and have all your supplies ready (blue tape, nails, hammer, pen or pencil, level, and a yard stick).

Step 2: Place a piece of blue tape over the hangers and exactly the length of the frame. 

Step 3: Use your pen to make a whole exactly where you would want the nail to go on the hangers. 

Step 4: Place the tape on the wall eyeballing where you want the frames to go. Then use your level and ruler to make sure the tape is lined up exactly where you want the frames placed. 

Step 5: Hammer your nail into the holes you made in the tape. In this case, I am hanging four frames. I only did the top two first and then I will measure how far apart those are to decide where I will place the tape for the bottom two. 

Voila!! Picture Perfect Hanging!! All by myself and just how I wanted them to look. It just takes a little patience lining up and measure the tape to make sure you hammer the holes exactly where you want them. 

I've used this method all over the house and have several challenging frame set-ups that took some extra time, but it worked for all of them. 


  1. This is so helpful! Where are the Nantucket, Kentucky and Washington, D.C. Prints from?

    1. Thanks! The prints are actually from a calendar a couple years ago, but I have seen some similar ones on