Friday, June 19, 2015

Our Italian Adventures Part Four: Positano

Venice, check. Florence, check. Tuscany, check. Our next stop was Positano, well, kind of.

When your trip revolves around food, it only makes sense to stop in Naples for pizza. After all, the high speed trains don't travel south of Naples, so why not stop and have dinner in Napoli before heading to Positano in the morning.

So, thanks to (and Wikipedia for the confirmation), we enjoyed a slice or two of Margarita pizza from, Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba, what is believed to be the first pizza place. We had some other spots on our list to try, but sadly, one of them was closed for renovation. We didn't make any other plans while we were there. This was more of our resting stop before gearing up to lay on the beach for several days. We did discover that Napoli is quite the party town though. When the sun went down, the streets were covered in college students.

Once again, Brian had every detail perfectly planned so the next morning we grabbed a quick breakfast, got dressed and ready to go, and were greeted in the lobby by our driver, ready to take us to Positano.

By the time we arrived in Positano so we stopped in one of the restaurants along the beach for a little pasta pick-me-up before hitting the beach the rest of the day. Both our dishes were amazing. It's hard to beat fresh seafood and Italian risotto.

This is the main beach right outside our hotel. 

Just trying to dress the part and look as much like a tourist (and fashion blogger) as possible. 

We came to Positano with a list of recommendations from friends so after exploring the beach all afternoon, we met with the concierge of the hotel to make reservations for several restaurants. She was extremely helpful with helping us narrow down which restaurants to go to and transportation for getting to each of them.

When your balcony has such a great view, it only makes sense to take a bunch of pictures from that spot. 

It was too late in the afternoon to make reservations for dinner our first night in the town so we walked around and found a spot that would take walk-ins. It took forever to finally get a table and our waiter wasn't giving us the best service but that quickly turned around once we got our first dish.
Brian is obsessed with cooking and couldn't get over how perfectly delicious every plate we ordered was, especially their red sauce. So he asked the waiter how it was prepared and boy oh boy did they hit it off from there! I'll never forget the waiter (who I wish I remembered his name and can't believe I don't!) saying, "If you like this dish, just wait until you try the next one that's coming out." and sure enough, Brian's most famous quote of the trip was created...."This is one of those dishes where you want to jump in and swim around in the sauce it tastes so good." And while, I might not have described it in those exact words, I do have to agree that this place was amazing. I highly recommend Al Palazzo. It doesn't have the gorgeous setting on the water that most of the restaurants we went to had, but it's extremely romantic- candle lit dinner outside with bougainvilleas covering the lattice roof.

The next morning we ate breakfast at the hotel, relaxed and read by the pool, and then headed over to Da Adolfo for late lunch reservations. This was an extremely casual lunch spot that you can only reach by boat. The entire menu was in Italtian so Brian took a total gamble on what we ordered but once again, we hit the jackpot. We left there with another cooking recipe- Almond Pesto. The short boat ride there and back was a great way to take in some of the breathtaking views of the coastline.

For dinner, we hopped on a bus that took us to the top of the mountain to a family owned restaurant called La Tagliata. The views were absolutely stunning. We watched the sunset and ate an authentic Italian home cooked meal. My one recommendation here is to bring a light sweater. As the sun went down, the cool mountain air started to settle in, and as we were loading the bus to leave I remember it being cold.

The view from our table at La Tagliata. 
After dinner, we walked around by the hotel and stumbled upon this entertainment spot. 
Our hotel at night

More balcony pics
Our final day, we spent the morning walking around town and doing a little shopping for Italian made goods. That afternoon we rented a boat to cruise around the coastline and check out some of the other small towns. We were in awe the entire time by the breathtaking views. These pictures don't capture the beauty like I remember it. 

We ended our stay in Positano by treating ourselves to a spectacular dinner at La Sponda. Once again, the food, the atmosphere, and the wine were all perfection. Our entire experience was amazing and I can only hope to visit again one day. For now at least I have pictures and a bottle of limoncello to help remember the experience.

Dinner at La Sponda in our fancy new Italian clothing. 

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