Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My New Favorite Room

Being pregnant is not my favorite, but decorating a nursery, Yes! Please!

I was already putting together design boards for each of the possible gender combinations long before we found out what we were having and knew that the boy/girl combo was the most challenging. I was struggling with the idea of making it both masculine and feminine all in one. 

Because I'm such a traditionalist, I couldn't get the idea of using pink and blue out of my head so once I selected the cribs and the dresser, I started looking at all the pink and blue bedding options. I ended up choosing something that was mainly white with hints of color to keep the room from overwhelming me with too much color. {Right before Graham was born, there was a popular blogpost making fun of all things RH Baby and Child. I remember it making me feel a little embarrassed that so much of his room was from there, but now, after having a child and experiencing those sleepless nights of being awake all by myself, I wouldn't decorate a room any other way. Let's face the facts, the nursery decor is not for the baby, it's for the mom.  I'm the one spending the majority of my day nursing and rocking babies to sleep in this room. The last thing I want going on in here is a stimulated baby (or two for that matter) who is ready to play. There are other rooms in the house for that to take place. The nursery is for sleeping (or relaxing in mom's case).} 

I found the perfect mobile, vintage Winnie the Pooh characters, to tie in the colors from both sets of bedding. I also love for the babies' to have something to look up at when they wake in the morning. Between the sound projector and the mobile, Graham always stayed pretty entertained so I wanted the same for these babies. 

I was also able to find a vendor on Etsy that could make the wall monogram in both a masculine and feminine font to help personalize each side of the room. 

One of my good friends has sconces in her son's nursery, and I loved the way they looked. I couldn't find a way to make a nightstand and lamp work in this space so I knew that sconces were the perfect alternative. They have truly been one of my favorite touches. They give off just the right amount of light when I'm changing a diaper in the middle of the night or early in the morning and I don't have to worry about the light waking up the other baby that's still in the crib. 

I've always loved Sharon Montrose's baby animal prints, and when I saw there was a photo of twin lion cubs, I knew it was a must have if these babies were boy/girl or boy/boy combination (I had some ballerina prints in mind if it was girl/girl). The giraffe and duck are some of Graham's favorite animals so those were mainly for his entertainment, and the lamb was just too cute to pass up. 

These bookshelves weren't in my initial plans, but after the cribs and dresser arrived, the room still felt so empty, I went back to the drawing board and knew I needed something substantial underneath the window sill. I searched and searched for shelves that were just the right height and these couldn't have worked out any better. There were several color options, and one of the options was actually the same as the cribs, but I decided on this dark sandwash color to add some variety in the room. It was a risky decision at the time, not seeing them in person, but I couldn't be more pleased with the way the piping on the glider, the antique wash on the dresser, and the shelves all compliment one another. 

Our newborn photographer captured so many great shots of the babies, I was excited that I was able to showcase so many of the prints in this room. 

Now it's time to start thinking about Graham's "Big Boy" room. ;)

Room Details: Cribs: RH Baby&Child// Dresser: RH Baby&Child// Rug: Pottery Barn Kids// Glider: Doodles// Sconces: Horchow// Animal Prints: The Animal Print Shop// Wall Monograms: Etsy/WholesaleMonograms// Pouf: Wayfair// Mobile: Baby's R Us//

Bedding Details: Bumper: RH Baby&Child// Sheets: RH Baby&Child// Crib Skirt: RHBaby&Child//

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