Monday, June 23, 2014

Backyard Besties

Graham and I spent most of April and the part of May that we were in town in our backyard. We were excited to soak up the warmer weather while anticipating the hot summer days that were around the corner. Plus, Brian was out of town a lot for work so it was the perfect way to pass the time a little more quickly in the afternoons.

Without a doubt Graham's favorite part of playing outside is Caesar. He's "grown up" watching Brian play fetch with Caesar and knows how important the ball and thrower are to our sweet "little" lab. Caesar's made it clear to Graham that he's not about to share his favorite ball and leaves very few opportunities for Graham to actually touch it by carrying it around wherever he goes in the backyard.

Graham can't help but giggle and belt out lots of belly laughs when he's watching his big puppy dog play fetch. He's by far Caesar's loudest cheerleader when he's running for the ball.

Recently, we've been in town a lot more so we've tried to recreate some of these afternoons spent outside, but the mosquitos have decided Graham is quite the delicious dish so until we get that problem figured out we're spending most of our days inside and around the corner at the neighborhood pool.

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