Monday, March 3, 2014

Graham is 11 Months Old

Graham turned 11 months this past Thursday so the countdown for O.N.E. has officially started!!

We have been taking pictures with this lion since the first month and now Graham has decided he doesn't want the lion. He wants the puppy dog he sleeps with, BUT….

when he sees "puppy" it means nap time which also means thumb in mouth!
He didn't really have any big changes this past month. Occasionally he will let go of what he's holding onto for a total of two seconds before dropping to the ground, and when he does this Brian and I like to call him, "No hands Graham," but he doesn't do this very often, just when he's in the mood to show-off.

While Brian and I were in Vegas, Nonna and Papa took Graham to the Houston zoo. He got to feed the giraffes three pieces of lettuce and ride a carousel. He absolutely loved every minute of it.

I started giving Graham baths in the "big tub." At first we did it every other time we bathed and now we do it all the time.

It was time to let the toys breath…goodbye baby tub.


Graham also learned how to bounce-pass the ball. He likes to do this while he watches Wheel of Fortune before bedtime.

This is Graham's FAVORITE ball.

Graham still can't get enough in his belly. He continues to shovel food into his mouth and scream when his tray is empty. We ordered from the kids menu the first time ever a couple weeks ago when we ate at Lupe Tortillas. I thought it was going to be a waste, but this little boy ate every last bite!

Graham and I both enjoying soup on one of the many cold days. Graham has to eat shirtless if it's super messy!

I started giving Graham sautéed spinach that was chopped up in the food processor and he absolutely loved it. He couldn't get enough. I found myself going back three different times during one meal to sauté more spinach because he was so excited about it. I couldn't wait for Brian to see so, of course, when he does watch, Graham won't even touch the spinach. I tried to feed it to him, and he wouldn't even open his mouth. Fortunately, this happened just the one time, and we're back on track with spinach as his favorite food.

I've also learned that he'll eat anything from my plate that I'm not interested in. I tried this with mushrooms, bell pepper, and pimentos and all were a success. There's not much I turn down, but it's good to know that we make such a great team when it comes to clearing a plate of food.

Graham's favorite toy is the stacking cups. He loves knocking them over when they're stacked up tall. He also loves to throw the ball and chase after it. He's still really into his books and loves when daddy reads him a bedtime story. Mia introduced him to the scooter and he loves being pushed up and down the driveway while holding onto the handlebars. He is also starting to try and use the bucket of shapes correctly. He doesn't know which shape goes in which hole, but he's starting to realize that they can go through the lid into the bucket. 

"Mom, this guy looks just like me!"

We added this puppy dog to Graham's sleep routine at about six months old and now it's a "must have" for nap time, bedtime, and road trips. 

Graham's favorite time of the day (and daddy's too). 

EVERYONE says these two look like twins. 

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