Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Last weekend Brian and I made plans to drive down to Abilene to meet Jason and Johanna's new baby, Jones. Brian was out of town for work most of the week so it just made sense for Graham and I to drive down a little early so we could get some extra play time with Nonna and Papa, and that's exactly what we did.

It's not the shortest drive, especially when you have a little monster who likes to eat ALL.THE.TIME. in the back seat. Luckily Graham's cousin Kinslee lives exactly halfway between here and Abilene so we got a bonus playdate and some time to stretch our legs. Not to mention, I got to love on sweet little Kinslee too! 

I was careful about planning the drive around Graham's nap schedule so fortunately he was asleep for the first hour or two on both halves of the trip, but when he'd wake up…I was singing lots of "wheels on the bus" and "the farmer and the dell" until I finally had the bright idea of handing him the Gerber food pouches. I can't say enough good things about these pouches. They have saved us from embarrassment several times at restaurants and they definitely kept me sane on the drive to Abilene and most importantly tried to help keep Graham's little tummy full. 

I'm thankful for sweet little cousins to play with, gerber food pouches to try and fill the bottomless pit that is my son's stomach, and nature's beauty reminding me that God was with me while Graham was screaming of hunger and protecting me on our long drive. 

Once we made it, it was all worth it. Nonna and Papa were all smiles and Graham was fixed up with yummy food and toys galore. Nonna introduced Graham to making music with spatulas, pots, and pans and Papa helped perfect those tunes. Their house has a step down from the kitchen to the living room that Graham just couldn't get enough of. It was one of his first opportunities to "climb" and slide down all on his own. He also enjoyed the soft carpet and probably wonders why we don't have that at home. 

Graham's such a great helper. He did the dishes and provided music for everyone. He also reminded Nonna that babies love to explore what's under the sink.

One of Graham's favorite pastimes is knocking over the cups, and Nonna and Papa had TWO sets of stacking cups that stack TWICE as high as the ones we have at home. He was in heaven and couldn't believe how many towers he had to knock down. He also took plenty of opportunities to show off his walking skills while giggling all around the living room.  

Nonnas and Papas are the best…toys galore!

Papa bought Graham a Mickey balloon and little G just had a ball hitting it over and over. He would also let it go and let it float to the ceiling until Papa would lift him up to catch it. 
It's the little things that make you smile...

and of course he couldn't be happier when his face is stuffed full of food. Papa even let him try some zucchini bread and whipped cream. Surprise! He loved both!


After Graham's morning nap on Friday, Nonna and I took Graham to the zoo! Lots of animals were on "vacation" due to the cold weather, but we saw plenty of animals. We started with some flamingos and parrots and then made our way over to the squirrel monkeys. Graham's FAVORITE book is "Elmo at the zoo" which features a sloth and believe or not we got to see a real live sloth at the Abilene zoo. 

While Brian and I were in Vegas, Nonna and Papa took G to the Houston zoo where they fed the giraffes some lettuce so that's probably why I was struggling to keep his attention…he was hoping to feed them. ;)

Nonna's introducing Graham to the Flamingos and Graham's ready to take a swim with them. 

We also got to ride the zoo train!! Graham had the best time looking out the window, chugging along, seeing all the animals. 
Train Ride

The weather was so nice that we spent the afternoons outside in the backyard. 

On Saturday afternoon little Jones came over to visit and Graham met his little bestie for the first time. I can't get over the fact that Graham's the "big kid" here. It was just yesterday that he was the little baby in the carrier. 

I felt like Graham was such a great baby and this little guy gives G a run for his money. He was so sweet the entire time we were with him! Look at that little face. He is such a cutie. He just sat content the entire time he was over at the Caddell's. Graham on the other hand cried for food most of the time. 

Graham wishes he was this tall all the time….and he might be one day thanks to his Grandpas. 

Graham loves his Uncle Jason and Aunt Johanna. He can't wait to play with Jones!

I'd say this little guy had a pretty great time! He can't wait to visit again! Brian had flown in on Friday and drove back with us on Sunday so I sat in the back seat with Graham for part of the trip to keep him entertained, but most of the trip he rested. 

Already missing Nonna and Papa. Dreaming about all the cups, balloons, and music he made over the weekend.

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