Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Guilt Free Shopping...

That's how I feel when I "splurge" at Forever 21! There are definitely some rules and disclaimers involved when shopping here, but the price tag makes the experience worth it.

Disclaimer #1: Online Shopping Only
It's hard to beat Forever 21's prices, but when I shop in the store I feel overwhelmed and defeated. There are over a million clothing items to chose from, few of which actually look appropriate to wear in public. Online gives you the opportunity to scroll through pretty quick. Now there are still a million options online so you do have to dedicate some time to going through all the pages. As long as you spend $50, shipping is free and $50 lets you walk away with at least 4 items. 

Disclaimer #2: Returns
If you return something, they only offer store credit. This usually makes the shop, receive, return pattern ongoing for at least three full cycles so it requires some dedication. Also, they only accept returns within 21 days of purchase so you have to live close to a Forever 21 because the chances are slim that you are going to love everything you purchase online. 

Disclaimer #3: You get what you pay for. 
The quality is what you would expect. Most of their items say "dry clean only" because they are pretty fragile. I've learned to get around this by washing and laying flat to dry. 

Disclaimer #4: The 50/50 Rule
Always pair your Forever 21 purchase with an upscale item. This can be as simple as a nice handbag or shoes. Only 50 percent or less of your outfit should be from Forever 21 at one time. 
**There are few exceptions when more than 50% is from F21, but it does happen.

Disclaimer #5: If you like it, grab it!
Forever 21 obviously has a really large clientele because their merchandise goes quick and their customer service doesn't exactly remind me of Nordstrom. I can't say they would go out of their way to find something you're looking for at another location. I would love to see their system for keeping track of inventory because, god bless them, it sounds like a headache.

Below I'm sharing my first spring online order that arrived earlier this week. I had to return several items that didn't work out, but all three of these shorts were keepers! 

Both of these shorts are also super cute! I would have included them in round 2 of my online order, but I purchased the dress with the "Secret Garden" print, and I thought owning both might be overkill. 

These "Tiki Room" shorts look like they'll have the same fit as the pair I purchased above, but they are out of my size otherwise I would have given them a try. 

Tiki RoomWoven Shorts/Forever21

I made my second set of purchases today so I'm hoping I can share everything that worked next week. 

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