Tuesday, December 31, 2013

9 Month Update


I'm back and just in time for Graham's nine month update! This month Graham's big milestone was "pulling up." A couple days before Thanksgiving I bought him a learning table that is just the right height for him to stand and play on his own. I took the legs off of it so he could use it on the floor, but Brian was determined to teach him to stand and took every opportunity to show him how it was supposed to be used. It was only days later that he was sitting on his knees kneeling at the table on his own. That quickly progressed into standing. By the next week Graham had figured out how to stand using the couch and coffee table to pull up. I think he's most proud of pulling up on the window sill and looking out the window each morning with Caesar. Sadly, Caesar does not feel the same way.

Week 1 of owning the new table.
Mastered Pulling Up

Unfortunately, Graham can only master one skill at a time so while pulling up was easy to do, getting down was something that still needed some practice. With a lot of cheering and support from the family over time he has learned to bend his knee and place one hand down. This still isn't completely perfected, but it's something he can do on his own with a little patience and persistence. 

By the end of the month, Graham was successfully standing in his bed, climbing on top of the dishwasher while I filled it, and the one that every mom would be proud of…..pulling up on the toilet and trying to put his hand in the water. 
Graham waking up from his nap. 

Dad and Graham having a serious conversation about not touching the video monitor. 

Also this month, Graham took his first bike ride around the block. I'm not too sure he really knew what was going on, but he enjoyed seeing "mommy" next to him while he was riding and giggled along the way. 

First Bike Ride....Thank you Grandpa for the bike attachment!

The combination of Graham crawling and a Christmas tree full of ornaments scared me a little, but overall Graham proved me wrong and found other distractions in the house that were more interesting. There was one ornament that kept attracting his attention, but after moving it and using most of his toys to block the tree, the problem was mostly solved. 

Graham has always been an easy baby and a great sleeper, but he was definitely tested this month with the numerous late night celebrations, sleepovers in the pack and play and naps cut short from  Caesar barking at the UPS/Fed Ex truck. In the middle of the month there were several nights Graham woke up in the middle of the night screaming. The first night this happened I was quick to go in his room and save him by rocking him in his chair. However, the second night it happened at 3am, 4am, 5am, and 6am. I'm not opposed to going in there and soothing him when he needs it, especially if it's his teeth, but when he starts smiling the second I pick him up, I have to draw the line. I pretty much google every question I have and keep reading until I find the answer I'm looking for. I think the phrase I typed into google at 4am said, "9 month old waking up in middle of night" and the answer that made the most sense to me was, "attachment problems." Luckily the third night he woke up around 9pm and Brian and I were still in the living room watching tv. I had been meaning to talk with Brian about letting Graham cry it out these next couple nights since it was less about soothing and more about developing a bad habit. Brian agreed and luckily Graham only woke up the one time this night and didn't take too long to fall back asleep. Graham's not completely back to his amazing sleep schedule since he's waking up at 6:30am, but I blame it on the holidays and am hoping that January will renew those great sleep patterns. 

Graham LOVES food! and this is an understatement!! He's eating a wide variety of baby foods from peaches to green beans to chicken noodle, all the way to prunes, yuck! He also tried his first solid foods this month. Nonna fed him scrambled eggs. He also ate smoked turkey, rice and beans at Churrascos, lettuce, tomatoes, bread, and pasta. When he feeds himself most of it ends up on the floor, but he thinks he's putting it in his mouth. He can't get enough puffs or mum mums!

I'm going to be pretty realistic here and say that Graham hasn't said his first word yet, BUT he does like to say mommommommommom which obviously translates to "mom." He's also really into "Bu, bu, bu, bu." which makes sense as much as Brian and I compete for Graham to say Bu, bu, BEVO! and bu, bu, boomer.

I look forward to the exciting 10 month milestones and all that 2014 will bring!

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