Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Graham's Baptism

Last Sunday was a big day for Baby Graham! He was baptized at Chapelwood United Methodist. Baptisms are always one of my favorite parts of the church service so you can imagine how excited I was that it was my very own little Graham’s turn. Brian and I chose the 9:45am/Contemporary service because I love how Jim Jackson holds the babies high up in the air and has the congregation yell out character traits they pray are instilled in each child being baptized that day.

I haven’t seen this done at many services and I think it’s extra special to hear all the words that others use to describe your own child. Of course I was fascinated with Graham’s reaction to the water sprinkled on his head while being held in the arms of a stranger so soaking up all the words was hard to do with so much happening at once. Fortunately, the church offers a DVD of the service so we can be certain to record all those special words and share them with Graham as he grows each year.  Some of the words we did remember were…Love, empathy, discernment, wisdom, humility, courage, and leadership, all of which I would be truly proud of Graham to portray. Right now Graham’s strongest trait is curiosity which sums up why he was so well behaved for the first half of the service.

Graham's Baptism, November 10, 2013

Once Graham turned three months old, we started taking him to the nursery during church so I was a little nervous about how he would act during the service, but he really proved me wrong. He was so intrigued with the singer and guitar player that he couldn’t take his eyes off them and when his jaw wasn’t dropped in awe then he was grinning from ear to ear. I guess this wasn’t too surprising since he always stares for long periods of time on a fixed object. I like to think of it as more along the lines of observing and investigating instead of staring. I just wish I could know what he was thinking while he’s so hard at work.

This is a great example of Graham's "curiosity" face that he used to stare at the musicians during the service.

The baptisms take place early in the service so not long after the first couple songs, it was our big moment with Graham. All three of the babies being baptized that day, their parents, and their families that came to support the little ones were invited to the front of the church to witness as the parents promised to raise their babies in a loving Christian environment. Growing up Methodist and thinking back to all the fond memories and special moments that helped shape my faith and beliefs are part of what made this day so special. I look forward to Graham developing long lasting friendships and a support system in the church as he builds his relationship with God, and I love that this day marks the beginning of that journey.

"Wonderfully made," Psalms 139:14

"Every good and perfect gift comes from above," James 1:17

Graham's Godparents, Uncle R.J. and Aunt Ashley

After the baptism, Graham was ready to play so sitting in a pew for another 30 minutes was not going to happen so Brian took him to the nursery while we finished the rest of the service. Then we headed back to our house to celebrate with brunch, family, and friends. Poor Graham was exhausted by the time we made it home so we took some quick pictures with him and put him down for a little nap. We feel truly blessed to have such special friends and family and are thankful for all their love and support!!

Graham's Grandparents: Nonna and Papa, Mia and Grandpa

Graham's "big" cousins, Connor (2) and Campbell (3). Campbell even went to the church service and got to participate in the Baptism!

Best Friends Forever

And by the time Amy took a picture with Graham, it was nap time for this busy boy!!


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