Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Graham Is 10 Months Old!

 We kicked off this past month with Graham's 9 month check-up! I was really looking forward to this appointment because this is the longest stretch we've been without visiting the doctor and I feel like Graham's gone through the most change over this time. When we arrived, the nurse had us fill out a questionnaire about all his different milestones. I was quick to circle "great" under every question because I don't really know any different right now about Graham's development since he's my only one and he's just 9 months. The one area of concern I did have and was dying to talk to the doctor about was his temper tantrums when he finishes his baby food. Under the question about additional areas of concern i wrote, "He gets really really sad when I feed him the last bite of baby food." When the doctor came in she laughed and said that's so cute that he gets "really really sad" but by "really really sad" I meant throwing his head back in anger, crying so hard he forgets to take a breath, and not swallowing the last bite, just spitting it out because HE. WANTS. MORE!! I had tried to feed him more but his little stomach just can't hold as much as his eyes think it can. Fortunately she said to just start feeding him table foods and since he won't be able to feed himself as fast as I can with the baby food he will realize he's full and eventually cut himself off. So, we came home that afternoon, pulled out the high chair and got started with some pasta and olive oil. It really has been life changing. I do dread having to clean the high chair and his messy little self every time he finishes, but it's nothing compared to the temper tantrums we used to experience. Not that they lasted very long, but I just hated that he was still so hungry but couldn't hold any more food so we had to deal with the sadness for a couple minutes. And in Graham's defense, I think Brian and I kind of created this little monster. He's done this since we fed him rice cereal and we used to think it was so funny and "cute" that we would laugh at him and kind of mock him, but really we should have cut it off from the beginning. Oh well! If he grows up doing this as an adult then we have a problem or a great SNL skit. :)

The only issues now with food is that little Graham wants to stuff his mouth with so much food at a time I have to worry about him choking himself no matter how small the individual pieces are. I wish I had a picture of his mouth one time when he was eating peas and picked up another handful to put in his mouth and literally Brian and I looked at each other in disbelief as to how many peas were already in that mouth!! It was filled to the brim so we are trying to teach him to swallow and take smaller bites. What that really means is that I'm spreading the food ALL over the tray instead of one concentrated area where he has a better chance of picking it all up at once. 

Graham is still enjoying most foods. He's not too crazy about the texture of peaches. He loves them as puree'd baby food, but isn't crazy about them when he picks up the slices with his fingers. His favorite is definitely pasta. Peas, ham. eggs, pears, sweet potatoes, avocado and carrots come in close behind. We also eat black beans, Turkey meatballs, and green beans. Grocery shopping isn't a quick in and out trip anymore because I have to browse each aisle carefully looking for foods Graham might want to eat and the cart is not as easy to maneuver with an extra 20 pounds. Preparation takes longer than opening a jar of baby food, but all those smiles make it worth it. 

We also started giving Graham the pouches of baby food this past month. At first he didn't really know what was happening at all and I would squeeze them into his mouth, but he picked up the concept pretty quick once he figured out they produced food! He now does them on his own but doesn't know how to squeeze from the bottom so it's pretty awesome how long it takes him to go through one of those things. When i need to move things along, I'll help squeeze it, but sadly it brings back "sad" Graham once he realizes it runs out of food. 

Graham continued to wake up this month between 6 and 7….closer to 6 with an occasional wake up in the 7 o'clock hour. He goes to sleep somewhere between 6:45 and 7:15 so I'm a little sad we've regressed, but he still takes two good naps during the day. I'm still holding out that he's on Daylight Savings Time and come April he's still going to sleep an extra hour because no matter what time we put him hour earlier or later, he still wakes up at the same time. 

Graham is really starting to develop a mind of his own and he definitely has quite a few favorite things to do. The thing he liked to do most this past month was pull out every book he owned from his book basket, especially "Elmo at the Zoo." There were times both of us were in the living area and if I walked into the kitchen to grab something, I would come back and Graham was no where to be found. That little guy is quick on his knees. Fortunately, he was ALWAYS in his room pulling out his books, even if it was pitch black with no lights on.

Graham's second favorite is dog food! If mom would let him eat it, he'd be in heaven. Unfortunately for Graham, it doesn't make the cut for acceptable soft table foods and it's not helping his case with Caesar.  This has definitely created a dilemma while Caesar eats and any time there's food left in his bowl. Poor Caesar just doesn't understand how after 5 years he's not still the only child. He eats with one eye on his food and the other to check and see if that "floor monster" is headed his way. 

One afternoon Graham wasn't really in the mood to nap during nap time, but I was so I put him in his crib with hopes that he would eventually fall asleep. It took him a little while, but eventually it went silent. I went to check the video monitor to double check he was fast asleep and instead I was greeted with this little image!'re on hidden camera! but really the joke was on me! Luckily we haven't had this happen again, but the monkey that hangs on his mobile did lose an arm at the end of a different nap a couple weeks later. 
Tables....Graham loves them! Especially if they're the right height where he can grab what's on top or if they're really fragile and move when he shakes them. I'm starting to realize that liking antique, fragile furniture pieces probably isn't the smartest idea until after your kids are all grown. This little cocktail table used to live between the two club chairs in our living area but that's a prime spot for Graham and isn't really the best piece for a baby to play with. I moved it to the corner of the room where it was safe for about a week or two. It has now found its final resting place for the next couple of years in the guest room where I can close the door and keep this little rugrat out. 

On Graham's list of positive accomplishments, he has learned to use a sippy cup and loves it! He's still crawling up a storm and occasionally uses his walker. 

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