Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Twinspiration Tuesday: 11 Months Old

It's official...Wynn and Harris are less than 30 days away from turning into one year olds! (and 10 days after that, I will no longer have three littles under three)!! It's bittersweet. But for now, here's an update of the past month....

I attempted 11 month pics on two different days and both were fails. Our big milestone this month was pulling up, on anything and everything, and that meant sitting pretty and looking at the camera was really low on their list of priorities. Technically, these cuties started pulling up while we were in Abilene last month. Harris had a one up on Wynn this time by just a couple days.  At one time our house was completely baby proofed, but but last March we renovated a bathroom and never reapplied the door latches so naturally, Wynn and HP try to spend most of their day in the bathroom pulling every shampoo, conditioner, and toilet paper roll out of the cabinets, and occasionally try to crawl in the cabinets too. After a month of trying to remember to keep the door shut, we've finally put baby latches back on the doors. Since the doors are now off limits, Wynn resorts to the toilet, and is pretty proud that she knows how to flush. 

The babies are still drinking four bottles a day, and continue to love their table food. We're eating most of the same foods from last month, but I've also added in some torn up pieces of bread, goldfish, black eyed peas, and ritz crackers. We've attempted to eat out several times with all three in high chairs! I usually bring my own food for the babies because it's enough work to entertain Graham and have him eat the restaurant food too. 
The best part about being a twin!
Both babies now have their top two front teeth! As usual, Wynn's came in first, but Harris' were just a couple days later. For this reason, there was much less babbling this month and a lot more biting on toys. They both still love to say "Dada" when they see Jimmy Fallon's book at bedtime. It's crazy what an impact that book really did have on their first words. 

Harris is obsessed with cars, trucks, and bouncing balls all over the house. Wynn on the other hand, is one of those babies that is more into ripping magazines and finding objects on the floor that she shouldn't put in her mouth. Maybe she's trying to tell me she wants more girly toys in the house?

The weather was gorgeous all month long, so we tried to spend most of our afternoons outside. This made it difficult to have the babies in bed at their usual bedtime so we pushed it back closer to 7pm this month. 

There's no right or wrong to parenting, but with that being said, we did everything right raising Graham as a baby ;), and for some reason I keep ignoring all my own advice when it comes to raising these two. 
First off,  I started introducing sippy cups this month and there's not very much interest. Harris kind of entertained the idea. Wynn said, "Absolutely not! Where's my bottle?" I know it's okay for them to continue using a bottle once they turn one, but I personally am just OVER bottles! 4 times a day, two kids, for the past couple months, and I am beyond ready to say good bye to the bottle. I nursed Graham until he was 12 months old so he didn't have too many bottles and therefore transitioned perfectly to sippy cups and straws. I'm hoping for a similar experience this go round, but I'm pretty sure that's not happening. Wish us luck! 

Secondly, when it was nap time, I always placed Graham in his crib, said goodnight, closed the door, and saw him three hours later. This time, not so much. Wynn and Harris share a room and since they're standing now, there's no way I can put them down for a nap, awake, at the same time. So of course, I've started this terrible habit of rocking them to sleep before I put each one down. On a good day, I can put Harris down first and let him fall asleep on his own which usually takes between 15-20 minutes, but then I rock Wynn because I don't want a 40 min. gap between their nap times. Fortunately, Wynn literally takes two minutes to rock to sleep. I hate to create bad habits, but for now my philosophy is, "If it works, go with it," and maybe with twins that's the only option?

And lastly, I know that 10 hours is technically sleeping through the night, but I need more than that, and if I discovered a way to get it, I'm going to do it. I'm not sure if I wrote about this last month, if I didn't, it's because I was embarrassed to admit it, but now, there's no shame. ;) Most nights, Wynn (and I say Wynn because Harris does a pretty great job sleeping until 7 almost every morning), will sleep until 5 or 6 am, but I can give her a 5 oz bottle, that she drinks in her bed, and she will go right back to sleep once it's finished until 7am, so I'm happy to report most mornings I can stay in bed until 7 with minimal interruptions. I have to emphasize the word, most, because we still have some mornings that are full of disaster...Graham waking up at the crack of dawn to go potty, both Harris and Wynn waking up too early, you just never know around here, but I take what I can get. 

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