Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Twinspiration Tuesday: 10 Months Old

"And they're off" would probably be a more appropriate title for this post. I can't think of any other word, but WOW! to describe what we went through last month. Three kids is no joke. Brian and I finally got a real taste of what being outnumbered feels like. 

We kicked off this past month with our nine month check up. Wynn was kind of crawling. She was slowly moving one knee at a time and mostly pushing her body along the floor to get where she needed to go. Harris wasn't crawling at all. I explained that he is pretty content with his rattle in his hand and doesn't have much of a desire to venture out. (He knows Graham's not too far around the corner ;)) So the Dr. said I should make him work a little harder for that rattle by placing it out of arms reach. She also placed him in crawling position and felt pretty sure he would be more of an army crawler because he didn't seem to know how to position his legs in the proper place. Well, he quickly proved that theory wrong two days later when he decided to take off in normal crawl position. (I'm sure having a built in tutor, Wynn, made for a pretty great example of what was supposed to happen). I can still hear the excitement in Graham's voice, "Mom, Wynn crawling! Mom, Harris crawling!) We were all thrilled they had mastered the crawling milestone because it's all fun and games the first couple days. 

We are still going strong in their infant car seats and hoping to make it to a year before switching them out to the next step. Mainly because it's easier to tote them around when they fall asleep. 

And then doomsday kicked in. During the day the babies love to gravitate towards Caesar's food and water bowl (which has now found a nice little home outside during the day) and the bathroom. Why the bathroom? So I have to start retraining myself to keep that door shut. Actually, all the doors shut because these babies love exploring and usually in two different directions. At night, the babies decided to take turns waking up in the middle of the night rocking in their crib or standing at the rails. It was a long couple of nights. This started around the 20th of December and I can remember thinking Christmas was going to be ruined because they would wake Graham up, and he would come out and see all the gifts Santa brought without Brian and I there to see his reaction. Well, luckily, like usual, life works itself out and the babies decided to sleep the night of the 24th. Santa must have checked on them that night and taken care of all their needs so this momma could get some extra hours of sleep and enjoy Christmas morning. I'm pretty sure the babies continued waking up several hours during the night on the 26th, but these miserable nights only lasted about a week. It felt like an eternity while I was in the thick of it, but thankfully I can barely remember it a month later. 

Brian's going to kill me when he sees how many pictures I've posted of him sleeping on the internet :) but this sums up New Years Day after the babies tried to ring in the new year with us with a surprise wake up at midnight. 
The babies have also started to babble most of the day so I'm sure this didn't help with sleeping at night. Wynn continues to talk much more than Harris. Her favorite words are mama and dada. She really stole the show this month when Brian got home from work and she said, Dada, when he walked in the room. He's been reading them Jimmy Fallon's Dada book so its given him a little bit of a one up. 

 In other exciting news, the pediatrician gave us the go ahead to start finger foods with the babies. Just in time to use the new high chairs Nonna and Papa gave them for Christmas. They have been pretty good about trying all kinds of foods. Sometimes the texture scares them a little and I have to initiate the feeding by putting it in their mouth with a spoon, but once they approve of the taste they're pretty good about finishing what they're given. I went back and read Graham's 10 month update and couldn't believe how different he was about eating solids. These babies literally move their hands at a snail's pace when putting food into their mouths while Graham would shove entire handfuls two at a time into his mouth. It's nice to experience the opposite end of the spectrum. The babies love avocado, carrots, frozen peas, sweet potatoes, peaches, pears, bananas, ham, chicken, and most of all cheerios. 

Cheerios are our "Go To" food. They make the trip to every restaurant. 

Giving Wynn and Harris two separate baths using the baby bathtub never really bothered me because they were quick baths. Wash their hair, wash their body and move on to the next baby. But, they have been sitting up so well, it seemed like time to retire the baby bath tub and start letting them play in the big bath tub together. We were probably about a month premature at doing this because they were a little unstable in the tub. Our tub has a grip on the bottom which helped keep them sturdy, but Wynn likes to dive across the bath tub to reach toys, and it gives me a little heart attack when she almost knocks Harris over every time. 

We had lots of great weather during the month so the babies spent lots of afternoons in the wagon while Graham played outside. I'm already thinking of creative ideas for keeping them contained in the front yard so Graham can keep playing outside in the spring, but two mobile babies is creating quite a challenge. 

My emotions are really starting to kick in as we near the one year countdown. Where did my babies go? It's been a long rocky road, but it has gone by in the blink of an eye. Can't wait to see what's in store for next month!

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