Saturday, January 9, 2016

Twinspiration Tuesday: 9 Months

Between Thanksgiving and December, this past month was a whirlwind! Sadly, I think the twins spent most of the month dividing their time between babysitters and their carseats (the life of a second-and third-child), but I'm sure they had a great time watching their brother celebrate the holiday season. 

The babies'  biggest milestone this month was learning how to sit up from laying down on their backs. There were A LOT of sleepless nights of Harris and Wynn taking turns sitting criss cross apple sauce in their cribs in the wee hours of the night. One night Harris even cried himself to sleep with his legs in that position while his body was face down in front of him. Doesn't sound possible but it happened more than once. We also had to lower their crib mattress this month because they started sitting up on their knees trying to completely pull up using the crib rails. The milestones started off slow, but we are really taking off these days. 

We were quick to move the Christmas ornaments from the bottom layer of the tree. These little teething monsters struggled to keep their hands (and mouths) off the ornaments. 

But I do have to brag that they were troopers ALL month long! Between late night Christmas Tree lightings, hayrides, and school parties these two were absolute angels. It does help that they can hold their own bottles and mum mums are always a life saver, but overall they sat quietly while they soaked everything in. **The babies eat between 6 and 8 ounces during each feeding, but if we were at an event during a feeding time, I made sure to bring along a 4oz bottle (that I could fill up twice) because they are easier for their little hands to hold onto. Pacifiers and teething toys were also crucial for extended time in the stroller. 

They continue to find their voice every month, but we can already tell Wynn's a little chatter box. Constantly ma ma ma-ing and da da da da-ing. She also likes to click her tongue a lot and Graham's not a fan. I hear "Stop that Wynn!" a lot in the back seat of the car. Harris babbles occasionally but he is more of a listener. 

They have also started rocking in place and are ready to start crawling any day. Wynn has mastered pushing off and going backwards and Harris is pretty great at scooting on his bottom. He waves his hands similar to this picture below and giggles all the time. The hand waving is mainly his way of saying pick me up, but we like to ignore that request and laugh with him. He wishes someone would hold him all day long and I probably would, but there's two. 

In Mid December my special angels were baptized. They were so sweet during the service- very intrigued and attentive with all that was going on and exhausted by the end of it!

They are eating a variety of baby foods, and we have started introducing more and more formula as I start to wean them from breast milk. 

We're looking forward to a low key January and hopefully some quality time once Graham's back in school! 

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