Friday, June 12, 2015

I Got It From Etsy

It's safe to say I don't get out a lot and explore many stores, but that's okay because the internet takes care of that problem. Recently Etsy has become my "go to" spot for ordering most of my baby favorites. I love that you can find a vendor for pretty much anything and most items are made specially for you and can be customized in any way. 

There's still a lot I have to learn about being a "Girl Mom," but the one thing I have figured out is that we LOVE bows. I always wondered what size bows my little girl, if I were to have one, would wear. and it didn't take me long to figure out 4 inches is just right for us. Wynn was born with such a teeny tiny head, I questioned whether she would ever grow into the plethora of bows I bought on Etsy so I went and purchased a smaller one from one of the boutiques nearby, and nope, it was was way too small. It must be the Texan in me because call me silly, but this bow size just makes sense. 

I also decided that I love the look of the lace headband and sure enough, there's a vendor for those too on Etsy

We haven't branched out too much from Harris wearing blue and Wynn wearing pink so we've really only used our pink or white bows, but don't worry, we own this bow (and headband) in just about every color of the rainbow. And just to be on the safe side, we have it in three different shades of pink....all of which have been worn during these three short months. 


Another favorite Etsy purchase are these wooden wall monograms. There were so many vendors to choose from it made it hard to decide which one to go with. I ended up reading reviews and choosing the one that had a great price point and would ship these out in a reasonable amount of time. I bought these unfinished and painted them with RH Baby & Child paint so I knew they would match their bedding just right. These were the perfect finishing touch to help personalize the nursery for my little W and HP. 


One of my smartest Etsy purchases are these seersucker carseat covers. 

The blue one was used with Graham, and I purchased the pink one from the same vendor when we found out we were having a girl. When Graham strolled around in his, no one ever knew he was a boy. I was told, "She is so pretty," all the time. The blue cover and blanket were never enough to catch peoples' attention to let them know HE is a BOY. 

Well this time around, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) knows they are a boy and a girl based on the pink and blue carseat covers, but oddly enough, this time, they aren't sure whether or not they are twins?? but I'm glad I could, at least, take out the mystery of their genders.

I ordered some unfinished wooden frames from Etsy earlier this week and I'm hoping they arrive today so I can get started on a little weekend project that I hope to share next week! 

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