Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Surprise Souvenirs

I came back from Italy so excited to share our adventures and begin updating the blog regularly, and here it's been almost seven months to the day since I've updated! I hate to make excuses, but fortunately, I feel like I had good reasons to put typing on the back burner....

Brian and I ended up bringing back some surprise souvenirs that didn't quite fit in our suitcase, but will definitely make the most memorable impression from the trip!

We are having a baby....oh no, wait, TWO babies!!

It wasn't long after returning from our trip, that the nausea started kicking in and the couch became my best friend (In fact, I'm pretty sure it started the day after my last blogpost). 

So, August-October, I spent most of my days in survival mode trying to carry on with normal activity and love on my little 18 month old like everything was normal. 

November and December, I tried to make up for my lack of social activity during the previous months by making sure Graham got to engage in every holiday activity suited for his age. 

Ice cream became a favorite...

and "Choo! Choo!" Trains became an obsession...

January and February I spent nesting up a storm getting ready for these two little babies to join our clan. I've tried to clean out and organize every nook and cranny to best utilize the space that we don't really have for this family of 5 that's coming our way. 

So that brings me to today, I still have a crazy to-do list, but I truly hope to start blogging every day, picking up right where I left off, with Positano. With all this dreary weather, it only makes sense to take myself back to the other side of the Atlantic, with my feet dipped in the Mediterranean, sipping on a glass of rose and soaking up some Italian rays. 

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  1. Congratulations!! I hope you are giving them Italian names...hehe