Friday, May 2, 2014

Celebrating 365 Days of Graham!

They always say, "Time flies when you're having fun!" and I guess that's what happened. On March 27th we officially celebrated 365 days of loving on our sweet little G!! He has truly changed our world. 

The memories we made this year were priceless. Watching him explore the world and develop through each stage has been truly amazing. 

12 days old

What a difference a year makes! 

MARCH 27, 2014

Graham's special day started off with an early morning bath. He decided to sleep a little later than usual and it ends up Pampers aren't very good at keeping all the liquids contained past the 13 hour mark. So G got an extra Splish! Splash! for his birthday. 

Caesar showed Graham some birthday love the only way he knows how: Nice, slobbery, wet kisses. The best kind. 

Brian and I gave Graham his gift. Graham was excited about inspecting and exploring all the new gadgets. 

After G's morning nap, we headed to the Children's Museum with his friend, Brooks. 

It was our first time to visit the museum and to say "We LOVED it!" is an understatement. We actually had so much fun that we took Mia the next day (More museum details to come. I'm going to devote an entire blogpost about how great it is). He had the time of his life! (except for when I made him pose with me for a pic) 

G napped some more in the afternoon, and then our family that lives in Houston came over for a mini celebration with Lupe's and Cupcakes!!

Campbell loves her baby cousin! I love that she still holds him the same way she did when he was 8lbs. 

Graham had the perfect birthday...

He played with cousins.

Blew out his candle and made a wish, 

Chowed down on a delicious cupcake! 

Opened a couple presents,

And played and played, 

until he just couldn't take it any more!

I can't believe ONE whole year is in the books! My baby is turning into a toddler at the blink of an eye! This truly has been the most amazing year of my life. I can't wait for all that year two has in store. 

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  1. I still can't believe he's ONE and walking. I guess I'll always think of him as "Baby Graham" as Campbell would say ;)
    Love love love the pic of G and I even though I look like a fat cow. Ha! So sweet.