Monday, April 28, 2014

Mother's Day!

Mom deserves to be celebrated every day so it's important to make May 11th extra special! 

one. You can never go wrong with jewelry from JCrew. All of their pieces are fabulous. Not only are the colors great on this one, but the price is too! 

two. Nothing screams chic summer more than Mara Hoffman. Her bright colors are the best! And why stop at the bag? Grab a swimsuit too!

three. I've already raved about this Ily Couture top once. I hope Graham (Brian) is getting the hint that this is at the top of my list. My cutoffs are starting to feel lonely without it. 

four. Hip! Hip! Hooray! BaubleBar is finally offering all their great pieces at Nordstrom. These would actually make a great combo with the "Mama" t-shirt. (wink wink!)

five. I just can't get enough of Etsy recently. Between Graham's birthday party decor and fabric for playroom pillows, Etsy has it all, including a gift for Mom. 

six. There's nothing more relaxing than a bubble bath! Now days, it means taking the time to clear all of G's toys out of the bath tub before taking the plunge in a warm bath full of bubbles, but this Lollia BubbleBath is extremely long lasting and makes the effort before hand worth it!

seven. Kendra Scott has so many great new colors this season, and I love their new styles too!

eight. It's no secret that Anthropologie has the best candles! They're long lasting with the best scents ever. 

And don't forget the card!

These hand painted designs from Sophie and Lili are the perfect touch to topping off that special gift you've picked out to celebrate Mom's day. 

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