Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring Tees…Baby Style

Does it get any cuter than these baby graphic tees?? They're perfect for playdates at the park, the zoo with grandma, and ice cream with daddy. I can already see my little G's precious smile sporting this airplane with some seersucker shorts courtesy of Aunt Ashley. 

And why stop all the cuteness with the t-shirt? Here are three precious accessories to pair with these tees. 

My mom used to call or send me an email every Friday night asking if I was watching Shark Tank, and no, I wasn't. I was hanging out with friends. Well, life has definitely changed. She still calls, but now, I'm always home AND watching Shark Tank. Recently one of the episodes featured Freshly Picked, which is a company that sells these little baby moccasins that are supposed to actually stay on. This just didn't seem possible so I wasn't officially sold on the idea, but I started following the company on instagram and when they posted a pic of these precious camouflage moccasins, I couldn't wait to get my hands on them (or should I say, Graham's feet in them)! Unfortunately, they sold out of these pretty quick, but they said they plan on getting a new shipment in next week. I can't wait to try them out! 

Bucket hats are just my absolute favorite on babies! Janie and Jack has lots of different patterns and some are even reversible which is a bonus. 

One of our bucket hats from last year. 

We had a friend gift us these baby sunglasses last year after visiting us in Houston and watching poor little baby G squint his eyes all weekend. These couldn't be cuter on the tiny babies, especially the ones young enough to not know how to take them off their face. 

Graham and Kinslee chillin with Nonna in their shades. 

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