Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Graham's New Trick

This weekend Brian had Graham spending most of his waking hours walking in circles around the house (with the walker). Graham giggled all day and had the best time practicing his walking skills. Right before his bed time I decided to capture all the fun on video and just in time for Graham's new trick!! 

"Look at me!! No hands!!"

Graham must have gotten tired of doing the same old thing because just in time for the video camera he decided to take his hands off the walker for the first time! I love how serious he gets right before he takes them off the handle, and I love it even more how Brian tries to force it again at the end of the video. 

We are so proud of our little guy!!

Before he decided to surprise us with his little dare devil stunt, this is what I was really trying to video….

Watch out!! There's a speed walking pterodactyl on the loose!!!

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