Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Twinspiration Tuesday: Best Seats in the House

After four months of laying on their backs, Wynn and Harris were anxious to explore a new side of the world. We had completely exhausted the floor mat, but weren't quite ready for the exersaucer. So, when my mom brought over these Fisher Price activity chairs we figured they were worth a shot. At first I was hesitant to pull both chairs out of the box. We have quite a few baby toys taking over our living area so I needed to be sure that these were the right fit for both babies before fully committing. It didn't take long to discover these were a hit. They're similar to a bumbo, but the babies feel more secure and there are toys attached, perfect for my little teethers. 

These chairs quickly became our new best friends, traveling to the lake with us all summer (thanks to how easily they fold up), and eventually using them to feed the babies once they started rice cereal. 

We also use them to watch Baby Einstein and Praise Baby while I'm cooking or taking a shower. They have pretty much found their way into every room in the house. 

And even though Harris started sitting up a couple weeks before Wynn, she never felt left out. This chair helped provide the same experience while she was still a little unstable on her own. In fact, Harris probably would have preferred the extra help. 

Now that the weather is feeling a little more like fall, we've been spending most of our afternoons outside (watching Graham and Caesar run wild in the backyard) so these chairs are great for allowing Wynn and Harris to join in (or watch) all the fun. And most nights they even get to enjoy a little outdoor dining all thanks to these Sit-Me-Up Floor Seats. 

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