Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Twinspiration Tuesday: Seven.Months.Old

It's Twinspiration Tuesday (on a Wednesday)! The twins celebrated 7 months this past Saturday and it was one of our biggest months yet in the world of milestones! 

With Graham being back in school, we are in the full swing of our weekly routine and it's helped keep our nap schedule fairly consistent. These two little ones are taking a morning nap from around 9:30-11 and an afternoon nap from 2-3, give or take. I've always prepared for the "second" child to nap on the go, but since our second child is actually #2 and 3, I try to stay at home during their nap because downtime is crucial when you have three little ones keeping you on your toes the rest of the day. 

These little ones started off the month with lots of time on their tummies and their backs, but it wasn't long before Harris was ready to start sitting up on his own. And sure enough, little Wynn wasn't far behind when she started sitting up on her own about a week and a half later. 

This has allowed us to start using the next stage of toys like the stacking cups, activity cubes, and a couple of other electronic/sound making toys made for sitting up. The babies were ready for a change. They could only take so much more of the same rattles and teethers I was constantly giving them. 

I wish I could report great news on their nightly sleep habits, but we are still kind of all over the place. I spent so many months stressing about it that I've finally given up and decided to go with the flow. These little guys are so happy (most of the time) and they nap great (most of the time) that I'm just going to deal with the inconsistency for the time being. I'll enjoy the nights I get a full nights sleep and know that this might be the last time I get to nurse a little baby on the nights one or both of them decides to wake. 

We did make a couple changes to their sleep routine which has improved the number of full nights slept. Most importantly, we stopped putting the pacifier in their mouths when we put them in the bed for the night. This did require some crying it out to fall asleep, but we noticed there was more crying on the front end instead of in the middle of the night when they would wake up without the pacifier. (I keep using the word "we" but really only Harris was truly affected with this change. He's quite the pacifier baby). We also introduced both a lovey and a stuffed animal to hug and cuddle in the bed. And finally, we stopped using the sleep sack. This has nothing to do with whether or not they would sleep through the night, I just wasn't sure why I was using one? I like to keep it simple around here. And there were several occasions where the babies would start to fall asleep in their carseat and it was stressful enough figuring out how to transfer them from their carseat to the crib without fully waking them. Getting the sleep sack on between those two steps was near impossible. It's nice to have that extra step crossed off our routine. 

With the weather showing signs of cooler temps, we've spent a lot of afternoons in the backyard watching Graham and Caesar play. We also started eating fruits and vegetables this month so these seats work great for enjoying our afternoon snack. 

The exersaucer and jumper are part of our everyday routine accompanied by either the Praise Baby DVD or Baby Eintein. 

The sharing struggle is real. They both want whatever the other one has in their hands, and the dispute is usually settled by Graham taking it away from both of them followed by lots of tears. 

Overall, I'm happy to report we're surviving and life does seem to get a little bit easier the older they get (or maybe it's the older Graham gets?) I look forward to all the new adventures this month will bring!

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